Getting on the bus

I would bet money that no one noticed I have yet to define a bus book.  Trees falling in an empty forest.

From a previous post I noted that a bus book, unlike a bed book, is a book one can read for short periods of time, and one that isn’t overly complicated.  That’s all? Terrible.  Bear with me in the forest and we can expound on this topic.  Despite all these falling trees, it will be a nice walk, promise.

Many of us know what the bus is like: crowded, stops a lot, interruptions abound except save ignoring folks around you.  Sometimes we can be really focused (mmph!) on not hearing the things around us.  When we do let in distraction we have the “opportunity” to listen to the craziest one-sided cell phone conversations.  The kind of conversations where you look around (eyes only) to see if anyone else hears what you’re hearing.  While you were in jail you did what? While you were on your lunch break you did what? Oh tell me he did not say that to you about your child.  The folks that talk about such matters on their cell phones on the bus also tend to be the kinds of people that also talk really loudly, so you can be sure others are listening in, maybe some with amusement, horror, others with the sentiment of shared experience; basically you don’t have to dart your eyes around too much.

And in such a technology age, sometimes you are privy to witnessing an actual face-to-face conversation typically sounding like this:

Person that wants to be in a conversation: I like your shirt.

Person that does not want to be in a conversation: Thanks.

Wants: Is it cotton?

Does not want: Um, I’m not sure.

Wants: I had this shirt that I loved. I wore it all the time.

Does not want: oh.

Wants: Yeah, I don’t know what happened to it.  I think my sister probably took it.  She does that. She’s such a rascal, but I love her.  Family is all we got in this world, right?  Hahah, it’s so true.  Hey, are those heels hard to walk in?

You get it.

So, the kind of book you can take into such situations, e.g the bus, is very important.

I will attempt to (sounds like the beginning of a magic trick…) define a bus book, and perhaps redefine a bed book.  I will also attempt to (this is where the real magic comes in) be linear in said attempt.


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