I don’t know

I know we all have our triggers, and for all of us, our triggers are different.  (Not to be confused with buttons.)  I wonder sometimes if I’m the only one with my specific kind of triggers.  I have to doubt this, I mean, if there are only six kinds of personalities* in the world, then I surely am not unique in my triggers.

Mostly my triggers are words that I hear that make me want to quote, sometimes at length, or, ad naseum depending on how you feel about the situation, scenes from movies or in this particular case, sing songs.  I sometimes break down in song and dance, but mostly just the former.  I wonder, is this normal? Do other people do these things?  Why is it that many times, if given the right ingredients: a relaxing dinner or a good workout for example, hearing or saying certain words make me want to sing certain songs as opposed to, oh, I don’t know, moving on in the conversation?  How did this trigger get into my brain?  Is it from my childhood or my formidable years that these things took root and so now, as an adult, manifest so that when I hear or say the words, “I don’t know” I feel compelled to sing Jodeci’s “Cry for you”?

*I’m going to warn you now or apologize now: the hyperlink is to a Wikipedia page, and that’s lame.  It is fun, however to think what was more compelling to you to know now: what the hyperlink is, or what the asterisk is trying to say…


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