First World Problems: Thanks a lot FB**

Here’s what happened:

Some girlfriends* and I were communicating via the [annoying] facebook emailing system.  We were trying to find a time to meet up for dinner.  Having kids, obtaining Ph.Ds, starting our own businesses, volunteering like crazy, n’at, means getting together in the evening is difficult.

I admit, I lost track of things; I got busy and figured dinner logistics would continue to volley.  Fast forward a few days, I got a text from my friend asking if I would be able to join everyone for dinner–that night–at NaCl.

What?! I thought. When, how? What?! I went back to the facebook email exchange, searched specifically for the girlfriends’ names, and couldn’t even find our exchange.  Leah sent me a screen shot*** of the information I missed: the back and forth continued, a date had been set, everyone was all in, except for me.  Suddenly I was voiceless and continued to be so despite friends emailing and saying, “Regina? You in?”  A trigger was pulled and the dinner date was set.

Apparently facebook tweaked out and excluded me from the conversation completely.  Leah suspects the emailing system was updating and my profile was left out of that particular wave of updates.  Who knows.  All I know is that facebook tried to kill my social life.  And to you, facebook, I say, YES, I did miss that amazing dinner with my girlfriends, and I also say, “I bleed, sir, but not kill’d.”

*Growing up, I never used the term “girlfriends” to describe my female friends.  I always thought it sounded old, I stepped through some door, got old and now I say this term. Eh.

**Take this as if I’m not serious…and serious…and not serious.  Just down slap me or things will get real.  Call it post-hyperbole if you will.

***I give props to friends that know how to do screen shots.


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