On Stacking Chairs

Closing: chairs come in                                                                                                               Corner stacks messy and neat                                                                                                    Makes me want to help

I wrote this haiku when I was in London at the Founders Arms, but it’s a feeling I have no matter where I am.  Usually, I’m at an event, a community discussion hosted by Coro Pittsburgh, a fundraiser/party like Love of Friends, The Midwife Center client picnic most recently,  where I concluded that the chairs at the Avalon Community Center are the worst to stack, where I am indeed helping to stack the chairs.  I can be involved in another “closing up” activity, but once people start stacking the chairs, I bee-line it over to help.  It’s probably because with stacking chairs, everyone knows what to do: you take these chairs, and you put them over there.  There’s a sense of accomplishment as you see the chairs stacked higher and higher.  There’s a community of people involved in the same task and you talk about the event, you talk about each other, and you talk about stacking the chairs.

On this particular night at the Founders Arms, the people working at the pub didn’t seem to care much if you were already there, they just dissuaded others from coming in, and cleaned up around us.  I had the feeling they were trying to give us a hint to move along, but was told otherwise.  That’s just how it’s done there.  I didn’t offer to help on this night.


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Hybrid Socialist dedicated to helping the community.
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