Mystery Solved. The Problem: Who’s Gonna Clean it Up?

You’ve all been to my house. You know I’m not a neat freak. You know you’ll come to a cozy home, lots of food on hand and I’ll put a glass of wine in your hand while we’re hugging hello. There will probably be a few dishes in the sink and…I’ll stop there.

I keep the fridge comfortably packed, and the summer CSA ensures this.  Mmmm.

One day, I noticed the pooch licking the floor near the fridge and of course just thought, “yup, just like a lab.” and then I said to the pooch, “Hey! Come on! [clap clap clap] Move along buster!” He looked up at me uninterestedly while continuing to lick the floor. Oy!

That was a couple days ago.  I didn’t think much of it because the pooch is always on the search for food. His desire to located food increases even more so after he eats…it’s odd living with a being that doesn’t have the capacity to feel satiated.  Like, if he got into his dog food bag while I wasn’t around, it would be bad…*

And then today I noticed this:

You might not be able to tell what this is from this iphone photo. (My iphone is the second version ever made…it’s dying I think, but that’s another “story”.)  But, this photo is of a dried-up substance on the floor.  What you can’t tell from this photo is that this is the exact spot the pooch was licking not two days before.  What the heck? No. I cannot have this on the floor.  This goes beyond dishes in sinks and piles of clothing that I’ll eventually fold and put away…or truthfully I’ll just make an awesome, slightly wrinkled outfit from the pile.  Either way, the pile goes away, right?  Right workout buddy?

And then, shifting things around in the fridge to make room for some soup I just made, I discovered this:

The container of whey I was saving for smoothies…You might not be able to tell from this photo, but this container is empty of whey.


* During a party at our house, while we were distracted by engaging stories and clinking wine glasses, the pooch did manage to dig his way into his dog food bag.  Luckily however, he got so excited by his find, what probably seemed to him an endless supply of food, the jackpot if you will, he almost immediately started hyperventilating and made, unknown to him, a very dramatic scene.  We pulled him away from his bag of food and gave him a bunch of hugs and tried to calm him down.  Showered with attention, for a short moment a head immersed in a never-ending supply of food, that’s one lucky kat.


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