Repository for Lots of Things, Including Problems

The neighbors, or whoever “they” are that drop off stuff on the curb near my house in Bloomingdale are very busy these days bringing stuff to the curb.  And whoever takes that stuff away therefore has also been very busy.

And, voila.  All this activity means I have a problem.  Let me explain*.

What was it, last week maybe, this television and suitcase appeared together.  As I rode my bike past these new items, I thought, “wow, that’s a big dump**.”

A couple days after these two things appeared, I happened to be walking by, minding my own business of course, when I noticed the suitcase was full of clothing.  In fact, a pair of jeans has tumbled onto the grass and due to rain fall, everything was soggy.  The scene was definitely…sad.  Sad to me anyway because,  similar to how Michael Douglas in “Wonder Boys” and, I think Robert Downey, Jr. (or was it Tobey McGuire [“take a bow, James,”]) created a whole life for the character Vernon, I envisioned a scenario for how this suitcase full of clothes ended up on the curb, now soaking wet, that wasn’t happy.  How could it be? The situation didn’t seem as though someone was just getting rid of excess clothing, and the suitcase from what I could tell was in pretty fine condition and it didn’t seem like something that needed to get tossed out.

If you look close enough at this photo***, you can see clothing spilling out of the suitcase.

It wasn’t when I conjured a sob story about a suitcase and some clothing that my problem began, because I will have you know that is perfectly normal behavior, but sometime around when I decided I wanted to take a second photo of the suitcase with the tv to get a better angle of the clothing spilling out.  You know, to really document the moment.  I rode up to the curb on the day I’d decided to take the second photo and came to a stop on my bike, I wouldn’t say with a horrified feeling, but something akin to horror.  I kinda stared at the grassy curb area.  The suitcase was gone.  I stayed there for awhile.  I concluded the situation by saying “bah!” out loud, (fist in the air) and continued the distance of 30 feet to my house.

It gets worse.

A couple days ago, these items arrived:

Television now accompanied by a corner of a bed frame and a lamp stand.

My problem continues, because just yesterday when I walked passed the repository curb, there was a box for an office chair with the other three pieces and I thought, “well, that’s pretty boring, but since it’s part of the documentation project, I have to take a photo.”

However, this morning, the box was GONE.  No evidence, no documentation of the existence of the box.

I have increasing anxiety about this curb: When next will something arrive? Why, WHY didn’t I take a photo when I had a CHANCE? (and staring off into the distance wistfully about what could have been.)  Thoughts filled with questions like, what parameters do I need to set for this project–do I take just one photo of each new thing and that’s it, or, like I thought I would do with the suitcase, is it best to show multiple angles?  How much do I care about the photo?

Why am I thinking about this repository curb so much?  Honestly?  I mean, it’s a problem.

*I find it amusing when people write, “let me explain,” as though a) people care to know more and b) as if someone was like, “wait, I don’t get it,” and then you’re like, “let me explain.”


*** Looking closely at photos (and more, saying out loud to look closely) always reminds me of the American version of that movie, “The Ring,” when Naomi Watts is looking at that photo of the horse falling off the cliff and sees a little speck within the print and as she looks closer the speck turns into a fly she picks off the page.  Esh, creeeepy.


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3 Responses to Repository for Lots of Things, Including Problems

  1. Donna says:

    Hi Regina –You’ve given me some good suggestions for Netflix. Thanks! Love ya, Donna

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