A book recommendation for Oprah, with love, From Larry Miller

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Larry Miller for several years now.  When I worked at Coro Pittsburgh, Larry was a program participant for a part-time program.  After the program ended, Larry and I stayed in touch, and since he worked on the same side of town, he and I started running together–one of my earliest running buddies.*

I’ve never met anyone like Larry.  I wish you could all know him personally.  I want him to be the next Oparah–but better.  I mean, one day, when Larry and I were running across the Smithfield bridge in Pittsburgh, Larry’s phone rang.  He proceeded to answer the call in mid-stride, chat briefly with the person, explained he was running and would call the person back and ended the call, “Okay, love you, bye,” and literally (I am not making this up) while still on the bridge, Larry saw on the other side of the bridge someone he knew.  They made eye contact and Larry greeted over 4 lanes of traffic, “Hi baby, I’ll talk to you later!” I love this guy, but I also often think, “who is this guy?!”  Well, I interviewed Larry for the book project so you can hear from Larry himself, and also learn about a book he can’t stop talking about.

LarryWho is Larry Dobey Miller, Jr.?  Good question.  I’m a hardworking, fun guy, who loves to travel, who loves to talk, and who enjoys a challenge, lessons from temporary setbacks and success in all its forms.  I am an only child who was raised in a single parent household.  I credit my mother with helping me become the individual I am today.  Currently, I work at KOBI-TV in Southern Oregon as an Anchor/Reporter**.  I anchor the morning news on NBC 5 News and FOX 26 for 2.5 hours each day.  I also report for the evening news.  I enjoy getting to know people, telling their stories, and doing it in a creative, genuine way.  My long term goal is to host my own talk show, own a production company that creates media for tv and the web that is representative of the experiences of real people, host a network news program, and to create enrichment programs that inspire people from all backgrounds to strive for the best. (See, I told you. The new Oprah.)

I just finished reading the book titled The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.  The book is a bit of a self help book in that it talks about the law of attraction and how our thoughts dictate our actions and events in our lives.  The book helped me see that if I really want to reach the next level in my life, I need to get my thoughts together.  That means, I can’t think negatively of myself or other people.  While I need to be honest, I also need to have faith that the things I want to happen will happen.  It may sound a bit far-fetched but having implemented some of the lessons in the book, I’ve become a true believer.

I think people looking to make change and strive for greatness will benefit from the book.  It teaches you about your thoughts, how your thoughts manifest events in your life, and why changing your thought process is essential in getting the things you want out of life.  My personal journey in this world has taught me a lot about myself and the book has given me valuable tools to navigate the journey.

I want people to know that there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big but you have to believe you can and will do the things that you set out to do.  The journey may not be easy but the reward will be well worth it.

* Larry has gone on to kick butt in the running department, having recently run a 50 mile challenge.  Yes, 50…miles.

** Here’s Larry reporting on a Dr. Oz challenge he’s taking as part of a special report for KOBI-TV where he mentions as part of succeeding (in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and I’m gonna say in a healthy LIFE) is to get a buddy!...a workout buddy.


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One Response to A book recommendation for Oprah, with love, From Larry Miller

  1. Donna says:

    Hi Regina! Thanks for introducing me to Larry! I loved the bridge story and look forward to seeing his show when it goes national–soon, I hope. Donna

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