Nice Move, Workout Buddy

A couple days ago I noticed the workout buddy bustling around in the “library.”  I totally did one of those walk past the doorway, looking into the room and then backing up.  As I did, I asked, “What are you doing?”

Background: The workout buddy had just completed Robert Caro’s latest book on Johnson, The Passage of Power*, no small feat.  So now, here he was busy pouring over the books in the library.

“I’m putting together my next grouping of books that I think I might want to read.”

“Really?! What do you have here?”

By this time, our dear house guest heard the commotion and joined us in the library (along with the Pooch who hates to be left out of anything, especially if food might be involved,  and in this instance, even if he can’t read.)

Workout Buddy's 2013 booksThe Workout Buddy explained his selection of books: topics such as Brown V. the Board of Education, philosophy of law, philosophy, the biography of Clarence Darrow who tried the Scopes trial, good old Dostoyevsky, and Ellison…  Immediately I felt jealous. Why had I never thought to do this? I’m the one with the book project AND the one that always feels like I don’t have anything to read once I’ve finished with a book…  I had an idea.  I would put together my list of 2013 reading. Bwahahah. “Well, it’s not necessarily for 2013, just some things I want to read at some point,” interjected the workout buddy.  “…right…sure, that’s great,” and I then began to scour the library for my 2013 collection.

Our house guest reviewed the books of the Workout Buddy and recommended Catch 22 by Joseph Heller; I told my one story about Catch 22 (everyone’s heard it before); I recommended Tinkers by Paul Harding (a book I couldn’t stop talking about in 2011), and we spent the evening talking about awesome books.  That night ended up being one of those nights you remember for a long time because the night was highlighted by all the things you love about your friends, and mine in particular: their quick wit, their intellect, their curiosity, and their well-roundedness–especially when recommending a good book.

* Warning, advertisement ahead: If you’re interested in a signed copy of The Passage of Power, or other works by Caro, Donna of Clayton Fine books can help you out.

** Clayton Fine books also has a first edition of Catch 22 AND a first edition signed PROOF! (omg omg!)


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