Taste the Soup

Sure, I let the broccoli grow to a point where, by the time I picked it, the head was almost all seed. What happened was, at first I was fascinated to grow broccoli.  I  mean, I didn’t mistaken the fledgling plant for a weed, and as it got bigger, it developed a great stalk and started to produce a head, despite the manager of the farm saying most people didn’t have luck with broccoli—a brassica plant for a variety of reasons.  However, by the time my awe of my own green thumb dissipated the weather in DC reached proportions of raining every day and the cutest of the cute rain boots would not convince me to farm in the rain.

The soup, supplemented with fresh broccoli and other good things actually tasted marvelous.  I’m looking forward to keeping up this gardening thing.

broccoli soup


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One Response to Taste the Soup

  1. Donna says:

    Wish I had a cup of it right now!

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