Here is my list of things I’m looking forward to doing and hope to accomplish in October.  Unlike Martha, you won’t see “horseback riding,” but I did include this month some reoccurring workouts.

What didn’t make the list before I finalized the calendar* was to

  • Find a place today to watch the Pirates play the Reds;
  • At some point to go hunting for pumpkins** and maybe carve a pumpkin or two, though, I’ve never been a huge fan of carving pumpkins.  The true details would look like: 1. acquire pumpkins, 2. have a pumpkin carving party and at said party I’d just walk around and watch all my friends carve awesome pumpkins, take photos, and make sure glasses were continuously filled with something tasty.
  • Make pumpkin spice latte mix.***

Oct jpeg* “Final” is relative apparently.

**  Anyone want to go hunting for pumpkins with me?

*** Sorry Starbucks, no dice, we’re taking this in-house yet another year.


About reginadma

Hybrid Socialist dedicated to helping the community.
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