I think this is the scariest page for several reasons:

1) I have to talk about myself.

2) I have to be linear and succinct in talking about myself.

3) [More reasons pending.]

I live in Washington DC via Pittsburgh, PA, hail from Maine. I love being involved in the community and think you should as well; it often teeters on the neurotic and in doing so (both being involved myself, and requiring that friends and colleagues are also involved in the community.) I blend my job with my community engagements so I don’t have to worry about the work/life balance if everything is just life, stream of consciousness and not linear. I like connecting people to other people, opportunities and whatever else it might be that they are looking to get connected to, as long as it’s on the up and up.* I am not a theory head, but I am interested in theories like race, culture, gender, and when provoked to explain myself as to why I am so upset about the drivel that makes up most things on television, I can sputter some cultural theory terms, which is always amusing.

I like bad jokes.

I consider myself a hybrid socialist which means (for the most part, because so far as I’ve seen, no one can do this all the time): think to your highest ability, work to your highest ability, think about other people and how you can help them, enjoy the good parts about living in a capitalist society if you happen to do so, which I do and for me, that means enjoying a meager disposable income that allows me to engage further in my community.

* Please watch the 1985 film “The Beniker Gang.”


One Response to About

  1. As I made the Pittsburgh-DC-Pittsburgh bounce around, appreciate your journey AND nonprofit focus!

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